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Forbidden City Officials Make Embarrassing Typo

published on 03-Oct-11 07:29
Individuals who are writing official government texts may want to invest in translation software tools, which can perform a spelling and grammar check before an embarrassing typo is printed. Unfortunately, officials from the Forbidden City in Beijing opted not to use this trusty device.
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Translation Software Tools May Be Useful In Company Expansions

published on 15-Sep-11 13:16
According to USA Today, although many companies decide to expand their businesses overseas, it is sometimes not as easy as it sounds.
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New! WhiteSmoke Version

published on 25-Jul-11 08:58
The best way to really know about a company’s product is to ask the Director of Product Development herself what she has to say. Ms. Laly Bar-Ilan is the Director of Product Development at WhiteSmoke, Inc. and there is absolutely nothing she doesn’t know about the WhiteSmoke products.
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Spain Increases English Lessons to Decrease Unemployment

published on 04-May-11 08:16
Spain currently has an unemployment rate of about 20%, which is twice as high as the European average. According to the New York Times, more and more Spaniards are searching for employment opportunities abroad.
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As Foreign Language Becomes More Prevalent NYC Students Suffer

published on 04-Apr-11 09:56
Of New York City students who entered the school system in the first grade, only 36 percent were able to pass an English language proficiency test last year during the seventh grade.
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Employers Must Work to Communicate with Non-Native Speaking Employees

published on 30-Mar-11 05:55
Business managers who do not work to bridge language barriers with their employees risk miscommunication. They may also lose out on valuable opportunities to develop their workers' commitment, motivation and loyalty, according to the Agri News.
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Run-On Sentences Can Create Confusion in Business Communications

published on 09-Mar-11 09:10
Business professionals need to ensure they have concise and effective writing styles that communicate their meaning precisely.
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Noted Studies of Grammar Errors Reveal Changing Issues in Common English Writing

published on 09-Mar-11 09:06
A number of ambitious studies have worked to map the frequency of such errors in common use, according to you-can-teach-writing.com.
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Complaint Letter Rife with Grammatical Errors Alerts Officials to Forged Origins

published on 09-Mar-11 09:04
Last month, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on the case of a forged letter by a disgruntled citizen, which was sent to the state's Department of Human Services
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Verb Forms Can Shape How People Perceive Intentionality

published on 09-Mar-11 09:01
The seemingly minor grammatical difference between the words "doing" and "did" can alter the very outcome of a criminal verdict, according to a new study published in Psychological Science.
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Jobseekers Should Check their Applications for Professional Presentation

published on 09-Mar-11 08:59
U.S. employment growth will be far stronger in than two years ago, according to MarketWatch.com
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Global Businesses are in Need of Translators and Translating Tools

published on 09-Mar-11 08:53
In today's global marketplace, the translation industry is burgeoning. U.S. companies may have multiple international clients with whom they need to communicate effectively.
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Grammar Errors Impede the Initiatives of One Scrupulous Citizen

published on 09-Mar-11 08:51
Grammatical errors can form significant barriers to effective communication. They can also get in the way of civic duty.
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Grammar Check May Prevent Miscommunications That Can be Caused by Autocorrectors

published on 09-Mar-11 08:42
Electronic media has become a widely popular platform for both personal and professional communication over the past few years
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In Business, a Professional Translation Device may be Preferable to Beginner Language Skills

published on 09-Mar-11 08:35
Playing down one's linguistic skills - no matter one's facility - may prove beneficial in certain business communications, according to the Deseret News.
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Misspelled Banners and Signs May Push Consumers and Clients Away

published on 09-Mar-11 08:33
Whether they are hand-written or printed, signs, banners and billboards serve as the public face of a business or individual. A good review of one's grammar and spelling can keep one from making signs that might turn consumers and clients away.
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Inaccurate Translations May Provide Needless Fuel for Major Competitors

published on 09-Mar-11 08:23
Two months ago, the vice president of Samsung, Lee Young-hee, was misquoted by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
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Poor Grammar and Spelling Could Impact Book Sales

published on 09-Mar-11 08:14
Due to the publishing opportunities that are afforded by the internet, individuals who wish to become authors or journalists no longer have to wait for a book deal or a job offer to share their views.
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Lack of Emphasis on Prescriptive Grammar

published on 09-Mar-11 08:04
Students don't learn grammar in schools the way they used to, according to glencoe.com
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New Acronyms Infiltrate English Writing and Speech

published on 09-Mar-11 07:46
According to a recent report in The Associated Press (AP), the profusion of new acronyms in writing and speech is of great interest to linguists.
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Misspelled Slogans and Product Descriptions

published on 09-Mar-11 07:39
Electronic communication has given rise to unique forms of shorthand that are heavy on abbreviation, acronyms and intentional skirting of normal spelling and grammar rules.
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Grammar and spelling mistakes affect one's employment prospects

published on 22-Feb-11 07:21
According to a 2009 report in The New York Times, studies show that nearly half of employers check social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to research the online presence of their potential hires. The newspaper also notes that a number of companies choose not to offer individuals jobs based on their profile content.
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Educators aim to improve grammar and spelling

published on 31-Jan-11 07:51
In recent years, educators have placed a decreased emphasis on holding extensive English grammar lessons. However, some members of this industry are working to reverse that trend.
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Grammar and spelling errors could compromise a school's credibility

published on 31-Jan-11 07:51
In response to the economic downturn, many individuals decided to return to school in an effort to update their credentials and remain competitive in the difficult job market. However, in some instances, providers of college degrees have compromised their credibility and, as a result, that of their graduates.
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Grammar corrector could have saved retailer some embarrassment

published on 31-Jan-11 07:48
Modern communications are much less formal today than they were before social media sites and email became business tools. Although many professionals are comfortable speaking to one another in a light tone, they should keep proper grammar and spelling in mind, as failing to do so could lead to embarrassing blunders.
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Grammar and spelling errors could impact commerce

published on 31-Jan-11 07:45
Since legislators in states such a Colorado, California and Montana deemed the sale of marijuana for medical purposes legal, the market for the drug has impacted several other industries.
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Grammar and spelling errors come to light as university is investigated

published on 24-Jan-11 04:31
Over the past several years, the higher education industry has seen many changes. The demand for quick, convenient learning options has caused many institutions - including Tri-Valley University - to come under a great deal of scrutiny.
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New Orleans newspaper fails to use grammar check

published on 24-Jan-11 04:29
Over the past few days, headlines about the NFL playoffs have been littered with spelling and grammar errors. The latest publication to join this unfortunate category is The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Yahoo! Sports reports.
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Wisconsin newspaper exemplifies the benefits of grammar and spelling checkers

published on 20-Jan-11 08:00
Many writers and editors rely primarily on their own eyes to find errors in their copy. However, individuals who fail to run a spelling and grammar check on their pieces before they are published may be subjected to public humiliation.
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Correct grammar and spelling can give emails a greater sense of professionalism

published on 20-Jan-11 07:59
According to The Wall Street Journal, electronic communication is becoming universally informal - even when it is used in a professional setting. However, some people are saying that this slide toward conversational emails could affect an individual's reputation and misconstrue an intended message.
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Newspapers employ various strategies to check for grammar, spelling

published on 20-Jan-11 07:56
For many professionals, a grammar check is a common part of their work. For some, however, failing to complete this task could severely impact their credibility.
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Grammar and spelling checkers growing more common in U.S. schools

published on 16-Jan-11 05:19
For decades, teachers have been pleading with their students to check for grammar and spelling mistakes before turning in their assignments. Now, many education professionals are preparing to introduce technological tools that are intended to ensure the quality of students' writing.
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Translation software tools could help immigrants assimilate to American culture

published on 16-Jan-11 05:18
The English language has many different dialects. As a result, individuals who are planning on moving to a new region of the country - or a new nation altogether - may want to educate themselves on their new neighbors' manner of speaking.
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Factual, spelling and grammar errors result in massive curriculum revamp

published on 16-Jan-11 05:13
In many cases, a simple grammar check can ensure the quality of one's work or a company's product. One Connecticut-based publishing company could have benefited from such an overview - and a fact check - when it was compiling a history textbook.
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A Quick Grammar Check Could Prevent Public Embarrassment

published on 12-Jan-11 08:28
Although few of us are in the public eye at all times, bad grammar and spelling could lead to unwanted attention. Such was the plight of Sarah Palin last year...
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Writers Express Their Issues with Bad Grammar and Spelling

published on 11-Jan-11 06:28
For many professionals, running a grammar check on all outgoing communication is not atop their priority list. However, some experts are suggesting that failing to complete this simple step could negatively impact a company's, organization's or individual's credibility.
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WhiteSmoke Accredited by Anti Virus Companies

published on 30-Dec-10 09:32
WhiteSmoke, featuring the WhiteSmoke Translator and Writer, has been accredited by leading antivirus companies.
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Win a Free WhiteSmoke License!

published on 21-Dec-10 07:03
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WhiteSmoke Launches the First All-In-One English Writing Solution

published on 07-Dec-10 06:50
Delaware, December 08th 2010 – WhiteSmoke Inc. (www.WhiteSmoke.com), provider of world-leading English writing solutions, have announced today the launch of ‘WhiteSmoke’. ‘WhiteSmoke’ is the first writing solution to combine grammar, spelling, and writing style correction tools with a full-text translator. ‘WhiteSmoke ’ also includes a multi-lingual dictionary and hundreds of templates for a variety of different writing scenarios.
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WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker for BlackBerry

published on 23-Nov-10 02:30
There are 41 million BlackBerry users worldwide, 59% of them check their email the second it arrives, and over 40% of them check their emails no matter what situation they find themselves in.
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WhiteSmoke Teaches Grammar on Your iPhone!

published on 19-Sep-10 04:51
WhiteSmoke, Inc. - Wilmington, DE. Sept. 15th, 2009 – WhiteSmoke announces the immediate availability of WhiteSmoke Writer , the upgrade from WhiteSmoke 2009. The launch of WhiteSmoke Writer is accompanied by a huge competition, with a round-the-world plane ticket for the winner.
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WhiteSmoke Writer

published on 05-Oct-09 11:38
WhiteSmoke, Inc. - Wilmington, DE. Sept. 15th, 2009 – WhiteSmoke announces the immediate availability of WhiteSmoke Writer, the upgrade from WhiteSmoke 2009. The launch of WhiteSmoke Writer is accompanied by a huge competition, with a round-the-world plane ticket for the winner.
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WhiteSmoke Announces 4th Generation Grammar Engine

published on 24-Aug-09 15:16
Today WhiteSmoke released a new grammar engine for its world-leading English writing software. The 4th generation engine brings a wealth of improvements, including additional error detections, improvements to grammar algorithms, and faster server response times.
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New WhiteSmoke Toolbar

published on 24-Aug-09 15:16
WhiteSmoke has just released a great new toolbar, with versions for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari! The new toolbar brings WhiteSmoke tools straight to your browser.
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WhiteSmoke Launches New Tool for People with Spelling Difficulties

published on 24-Aug-09 15:15
WhiteSmoke, leader in English writing technologies, announces a new tool designed specifically for people with writing difficulties – WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant. Those with family and friends with dyslexia and other writing difficulties know how hard it can be to write an email, letter, or essay without errors.
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Follow us on Twitter - @whitesmokeapp

published on 24-Aug-09 15:14
We have just created a twitter account for WhiteSmoke. If you want to keep up with WhiteSmoke news, and the grammar content on our blog, follow us @whitesmokeapp
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Major Improvements to Leading English Writing Software

published on 24-Aug-09 15:12
WhiteSmoke announces the immediate release of a major update to the server-side component of its English writing software, the result of 8 months of intensive development, the analysis of millions of sentences, and extensive customer surveys. A client update for download onto the user’s PC will be launched in the following days.
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National Grammar Day

published on 24-Aug-09 15:10
It might surprise you to learn that National Grammar Day exists, but it’s true. This "holiday" was set on March 4th, 2004 by SPOGG: The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. SPOGG is a grammar-based organization that was started by Martha Brockenbrough.
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WhiteSmoke Review at the Telegraph

published on 24-Aug-09 15:09
Just this week the Telegraph in in the UK reviewed the Business Version of WhiteSmoke in its Business Technology section online. read excerpts from this WhiteSmoke review and other recent WhiteSmoke reviews here.
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WhiteSmoke Free Online Tools

published on 24-Aug-09 15:06
Around a month ago, we quietly launched a couple of free tools for writers and English learners, right here on WhiteSmoke.com. After the initial period of use and testing, time has come for an official announcement :). the two tools are our online checker for your writing, effectively bringing WhiteSmoke's core features to your text for free, and our free online dictionary, which features definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and a translation module for every word.
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The New Writing and Grammar Blog

published on 24-Aug-09 15:04
Today we offically announce the new iteration of the WhiteSmoke Blog. We now have features for user comments, and you can search all entries by category in the right-hand column. If you use RSS feeds, visit the RSS Page to grab feeds - you can choose to subscribe to the whole blog, or to any categories that are of interest to you. The All Posts page gives you a quick view of all the blog content.
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WhiteSmoke Updates English Writing Software

published on 24-Aug-09 15:03
WhiteSmoke announces the immediate availability of an upgrade to its desktop English writing software. WhiteSmoke 2009 is the leading software solution for the correction and enhancement of English grammar, spelling, and writing style.
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WhiteSmoke Expands Writing Style Features

published on 24-Aug-09 15:02
Today WhiteSmoke released an update to its English writing software, WhiteSmoke 2009, providing additional writing style suggestions. WhiteSmoke 2009 is an advanced tool for checking grammar, spelling, and writing style. WhiteSmoke hopes the update will bring a competitive advantage to users whose writing performance at the workplace is crucial. As stated in the National Commission on Writing: “Writing is integral in nearly every job. It’s really not a promotion issue since you’d never get to the point of promotion without good communications skills. You can’t move up without writing skills.”
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