Factual, spelling and grammar errors result in massive curriculum revamp

In many cases, a simple grammar check can ensure the quality of one's work or a company's product. One Connecticut-based publishing company could have benefited from such an overview - and a fact check - when it was compiling a history textbook.

The Washington Post reports that Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia have decided to pull a history textbook called Our Virginia, Past and Present from its curriculum.

An investigation into the book's credibility began in October, and historians have since found a series of inaccuracies and errors in this book and Our America to 1865 - both of which are products of Five Pounds Press. These texts will be replaced with web-based learning materials for the time being.

This instance has prompted the Virginia Department of Education to revisit its textbook adoption system. In addition, some legislators in the state are suggesting the creation of laws that could prevent similar events from occurring, according to the news source.

In response to this issue, commentator Andy Rooney suggested that the erroneous books be used to challenge children to find mistakes, according to CBS News. 


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