WhiteSmoke, incorporated in 2002, is now a publicly traded software company, operating at a profit and showing consistent growth quarter after quarter. The Company focuses on advanced technology solutions that assist users in generating grammatically correct, concise and well written English texts and has invested tens of millions of dollars in research and product development. A focal point of our research is in Natural Language Processing, or NLP Technology, involving rule-based and statistical algorithms, which are used by our software to scan thousands of user-generated text passages and user emails regularly to "learn" the way the human mind works in the process of writing. As a result, our software goes beyond providing relevant grammatical and typographical corrections, but also improves the style, tone and clarity of our users' writing.

WhiteSmoke writing solution

Our flagship product "WhiteSmoke Writer" allows the user to check their text effortlessly no matter where they type it. It goes above and beyond the standard corrections offered by any other word-processor and software. Not only does it provide the most advanced corrections and suggestions, it also explains the user's errors helping their English writing to improve over time. In addition to correcting and safeguarding against embarrassing mistakes, WhiteSmoke will help the user elevate their text to a more professional level.

The software has been reviewed for its linguistic capabilities and overall benefits by the largest educational firms around the world and has been rated as the number-one solution for English grammar, style, spelling and punctuation corrections on the market. Moreover, our innovative business solutions allow us to serve and work together with the largest corporations, providing custom, tailor-made applications based on specific needs to improve the quality of daily business transactions and all English correspondence.

English is the most essential language for global business success today. Companies that are highly-effective communicators have a 47% higher total return to shareholders over a five year period (ROI study conducted by Towers Watson).

We offer a stand-alone product, as well as browser-based web-widgets and other custom solutions in order to achieve our mission: to provide anyone writing in English the most comprehensive solution for proofreading and elevating text across all platforms.

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