Misspelled Slogans and Product Descriptions

Electronic communication has given rise to unique forms of shorthand that are heavy on abbreviation, acronyms and intentional skirting of normal spelling and grammar rules. 

Television shows, for example, may use this shorthand in their titles. For example, a recent episode of the ABC drama "Pretty Little Liars" was titled "Careful What U Wish 4," playing on the depictions of youth in the show who are frequent users of text messages.

As shorthand is on the rise, a regard for correct grammar and spelling may be on the wane. Misspellings in slogans and descriptions are increasingly common. Unintentional carelessness, however, can have drastic results.

One eBay auctioneer nearly missed out on tens of thousands of dollars by bungling a product title. Selling a rare bottle of Allsopp's Arctic Ale from 1852, he listed the bottle as "allsop's arctic ale." This auction received few views, according to a gizmag.com piece.

Upon realizing his blunder, the seller fixed the auction title to "Allsopp's Arctic Ale." The correctly spelled title garnered thousands of views and a winning bid of half a million dollars, the site reports.

Businesses and marketers may do well to run a spelling and grammar check of their text before going to print, to ensure they attract their target consumers.