Correct grammar and spelling can give emails a greater sense of professionalism

According to The Wall Street Journal, electronic communication is becoming universally informal - even when it is used in a professional setting. However, some people are saying that this slide toward conversational emails could affect an individual's reputation and misconstrue an intended message.

As of late, salutations have become the subject of debate between business etiquette experts and workers. While some people believe that using "dear" to address an email recipient - even those in the professional realm - is too formal, others believe that more casual greetings can appear disrespectful.

"How formal you are in your email might be based more on the actuality of the writing situation," Joyce Walker, a professor of English at Illinois State University, told the news source.

Sandra Bekhor, manager of Behor Management, told Investment Executive that professionalism should be reflected in all forms of outgoing communication, including business cards, brochures and an email signature.

Individuals who run a grammar check before sending any piece of external communication may be more likely to maintain good relationships with their business partners and clients than those who rely solely on their own eyes. 


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