Grammar corrector could have saved retailer some embarrassment

Modern communications are much less formal today than they were before social media sites and email became business tools. Although many professionals are comfortable speaking to one another in a light tone, they should keep proper grammar and spelling in mind, as failing to do so could lead to embarrassing blunders.

Take, for example, a recently released printed t-shirt from juniors retailer Wet Seal. The garment reads, "If your single, so am I," and is still available on the store's website, despite criticism from publications such as Business Blunder.

The shirt employs the wrong form of the word "your," which should be spelled "you're." Although this is a common grammatical mistake, Jezebel reports that when one of the company's employees pointed out the error, officials moved to keep the tunic up for sale.

Failing to check for grammar in any kind of professional communication can severely tarnish one's credibility. Although a conversational style is typical of today's written word, simple mistakes - including confusing "your" and "you're" - could prevent some consumers and potential clients from buying a company's products or services.  

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