Writers Express Their Issues with Bad Grammar and Spelling

For many professionals, running a grammar check on all outgoing communication is not atop their priority list. However, some experts are suggesting that failing to complete this simple step could negatively impact a company's, organization's or individual's credibility.

In a recent article for the Columbus Local News, commentary editor Garth Bishop pointed out that bad grammar and spelling can tarnish the communicator's message. He said that simple errors can make a serious thought laughable, or turn marketing copy into a distraction rather than a promotion.

Bishop added that small typos are not difficult to avoid, as a simple check for grammar takes very little time to perform. He did admit, however, that his keen eye for written mistakes is not perfect.

Liz Allen, an opinion columnist for GoErie.com, is also among the proofreading advocates who can admit their faults - particularly when she is trying her hand at text messaging. Citing Jeff Deck, co-author of The Great Typo Hunt, she wrote that many experts believe that using shorthand language in texts is more acceptable than allowing typos to appear in pieces of public communication.

Professionals may be able to ensure that their written communications are up-to-par by using a grammar checker. 


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