Poor Grammar and Spelling Could Impact Book Sales

Due to the publishing opportunities that are afforded by the internet, individuals who wish to become authors or journalists no longer have to wait for a book deal or a job offer to share their views. However, some of the core principles of the writing craft have remained intact, as consumers of news and literature seem to be dissatisfied with pieces that include poor English grammar.

For example, a recently released book by Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, A Shore Thing, has resulted in disappointing sales figures. According to The Hollywood Reporter, fewer than 9,000 copies of the novel have been bought since its release on January 4.

Although members of the publishing industry suggest that the book did not fare well because it was not marketed as a tell-all, its lack of popularity could be attributed to the instances of poor writing that are present in the copy.

In a review of the novel, The Tufts Daily, points out a line that describes the main character's "red crotched bikini top." Similarly embarrassing typos could have been avoided if the writer and editor had conducted a spelling and grammar check before the book was sent to press.