Grammar and spelling errors could compromise a school's credibility

In response to the economic downturn, many individuals decided to return to school in an effort to update their credentials and remain competitive in the difficult job market. However, in some instances, providers of college degrees have compromised their credibility and, as a result, that of their graduates.

For instance, Miami University recently asked more than 100 scholars who graduated in December to send their diplomas back after officials found a typo on the documents, the Middletown Journal reports.

David Sauter, the school's registrar, told the news source that 120 of nearly 600 degrees were sent out before officials noticed that the word "thousand" was misspelled. Following this discovery, administrators sent out an email asking students to return their degrees, which would be replaced with a corrected version.

A similar mistake occurred in Canada, where 283 University of Toronto Mississauga undergraduates were recently asked to return their diplomas, The Toronto Star reports. The degrees, which were disbursed in November 2009, inaccurately identified one of the signatory's titles.

A quick check for grammar and spelling could help institutions of higher learning avoid similarly embarrassing mistakes.  

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