National Grammar Day

National Grammar Day?!

It might surprise you to learn that National Grammar Day exists, but it’s true.


What is National Grammar Day?

This "holiday" was set on March 4th, 2004 by SPOGGThe Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. SPOGG is a grammar-based organization that was started by Martha Brockenbrough.

There are about 6,000 members of SPOGG who will all take time on March 4th to celebrate the usage of good and proper grammar.  We are members of SPOGG over here at WhiteSmoke;  we simply cannot stand for missing prepositions, disagreement between subjects and verbs, or awkward word usage.  Confusion between “good” and “well”, “your” and “you’re”, “know” and “no” – we will not have it!  Whether it is a PhD dissertation, a business proposal or a casual e-mail to a friend, Good Grammar is a must.


How to Celebrate

This March 4th, why not be extra “grammatical”?  Here are some ways to observe National Grammar Day:

Check back for pointers on how to celebrate National Punctuation Day on September 24th!

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