Wisconsin newspaper exemplifies the benefits of grammar and spelling checkers

Many writers and editors rely primarily on their own eyes to find errors in their copy. However, individuals who fail to run a spelling and grammar check on their pieces before they are published may be subjected to public humiliation.

Such was the case when the Green Pay Press-Gazette, a Wisconsin-based newspaper, allowed a typo to slip into a headline on Monday. According to the American Copy Editors Society, the title "On to Chicaco" was plastered on the front page of the publication on Monday.

The headline prefaced an article about the forthcoming NFC championship matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. On Tuesday, the paper addressed the goof-up by stating that staff members "were equally embarrassed that we got it wrong in the first place and then failed to catch it in the proofreading process."

However, the error has caught the attention of other media outlets throughout the country. On Wednesday, Chicago-based radio station B96 poked fun at the paper by suggesting that journalists in the rural town may not have access to Microsoft Word and its spell-checking capabilities. 


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