Translation software tools could help immigrants assimilate to American culture

The English language has many different dialects. As a result, individuals who are planning on moving to a new region of the country - or a new nation altogether - may want to educate themselves on their new neighbors' manner of speaking.

However, some people may have a hard time letting go of their native language. Molly Muldoon, a New York City-based writer for Irish Central, is one of them. Among her favorite phrases to use when speaking to Americans are "the craic was ninety," which translates to "we had a good time," and "full duck or no dinner," which means "do something right or don't do it at all," according to the news source.

Indeed, the English language has been subjected to many changes and variations in its time. Some individuals, such as Sports Illustrated columnist Steve Rushin, are still in the process of creating their own dialects. In a recent article, the writer compiled a list of words that are not yet employed by members of the professional sports world, but - he believes - should be.

Translation tools could help you improve your English writing and speaking, even if you've already mastered one deviation of the language. 


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