Misspelled Banners and Signs May Push Consumers and Clients Away

Whether they are hand-written or printed, signs, banners and billboards serve as the public face of a business or individual. A good review of one's grammar and spelling can keep one from making signs that might turn consumers and clients away.

The example of a banner that a resident assistant at a California-based college hung in a dorm, which was posted on passiveaggressivenotes.com, highlights the importance of spell checking one's writing. The hanging read, "Let's Make This Qaurter The Best!" The effect on students, understandably, may have been less than inspiring.

In another example of egregious misspelling, which was recently submitted to spellingfails.com, a roadside billboard for a school features a photo of smiling, enthusiastic children. The large letters of the "ABC Chilren's Academy" frame them, possibly turning away parents looking, ostensibly, for a school that teaches proper spelling. Elsewhere on the site one can find a photo of a handwritten sign at a store, which announces the advent of a new material altogether - "Suramic Cookware."

Professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs should perform a spelling and grammar check before they create a sign or billboard. Even if their banner is handmade, they can ensure that they don't offer up their carelessness for public consumption with a quick, painless entry of their text into a word processor.