Spell Checker

You might have asked yourself before sending an important email to a business colleague or a new friend:

"What effect do my spelling mistakes have on the reader?"

The fact is, we all write in a rush these days, and are especially prone to making spelling errors when writing on a computer. WhiteSmoke Writer is a program for online spell checking and desktop spell checking - it is the most powerful spelling tool available today. A quick spell check with WhiteSmoke before shooting off that next email or finalizing a business report can prevent embarrassing typos and other spelling mistakes.

Why You Should Spell Check with WhiteSmoke Writer:

  • Check Spelling Everywhere — Wherever you like to write, WhiteSmoke Writer is there. Use webmail, MS Word, Facebook, MySpace and more - if there is a text area, Writer can check your writing & spelling.
  • Proofread to Perfection — Writer's algorithmic approach detects correctly spelled words used in the wrong context (their / they're; whether / weather). This unique feature makes proofreading with WhiteSmoke Writer close to foolproof.
  • Enhance Your Spelling in Seconds — Simply press the WhiteSmoke Key, and within seconds, Writer returns you all its suggestions for your text.

The community-generated spelling database allows to keep up-to-date with English language use as it changes dynamically over time, ensuring that as new words and concepts come into common use, WhiteSmoke can recognize them.

Improve the clarity of your writing with correct punctuation.

Get WhiteSmoke!