Jobseekers Should Check their Applications for Professional Presentation

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In the coming months, job candidates must be vigilant about their self-presentation through text. A bit of extra thought and attention can ensure that a jobseeker's hard work does not go to waste.

For one, checking for grammar or spelling errors on resumes and cover letters is essential, according to the Times of Northwest Indiana. A spell-check may even save one's missives from the trash bin. Employers might feel that a job candidate who does not take time to ensure that his or her grammar and spelling are perfect can't be taken seriously.

Next, while revising cover letters, one should carefully examine that address portion. Hiring managers note that many candidates use a single template for their cover letters, and may forget to switch the company name altogether, according to the news source.

The Times also notes that job candidates need to read a hiring manager's specific directions for applications. A careful perusal of instructions, along with a grammar check of one's work, will help jobseekers maintain their candidacy.