English Expressions

Showing the Ropes

Let us "show you the ropes" of this popular English expression, so you can use it in your own writing, or at least understand what others mean when they use it!

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Idiomatic Expressions (Overview)

Learning about English idiomatic expressions will not only expose you to "life lessons", but it will enrich your command of the English language. They are often impressive, and enjoyable to share!

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Expressions in English: Introduction

Understanding English expressions is an important part of communicating effectively. WhiteSmoke introduces a new series designed to explore the meaning behind popular English expressions, designed to both instruct and enlighten!

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Bite The Bullet

The expression "bite the bullet" has an interesting history, which helps clear up some of the confusion as to what this phrase really means.

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Hopeless Romantic

Have you ever been called a "hopeless romantic", or suspected you knew of someone who was? Find out for sure, as we figure out exactly what this expression means!

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