New Orleans newspaper fails to use grammar check

Over the past few days, headlines about the NFL playoffs have been littered with spelling and grammar errors. The latest publication to join this unfortunate category is The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Yahoo! Sports reports.

On Monday, the newspaper released a headline that read "Jets Patriots jumphead goes herey barllskdjf fkdasd fg asdf."

The error has received the attention of various media outlets, which are suggesting various theories as to how this happened. Yahoo! speculated that the writers were thrown off by the fact that the headline was not about Jets coach Rex Ryan's wife's recently released foot fetish videos, which have been widely covered as of late. The news source also suggested that it may have been a reflection of Patriots fans' frustrations, as the losing New England team was largely favored over New York.

Sports Grid also offered a few hypotheses, presuming that the Times-Picayune's editors simply forgot to change the dummy text when they were sending the final layout to the printers. The media outlet also suggest that the paper is taking a new editorial approach called "coke-induced Cajun speak." 


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