Grammar and spelling errors could impact commerce

Since legislators in states such a Colorado, California and Montana deemed the sale of marijuana for medical purposes legal, the market for the drug has impacted several other industries.

For example, several newspapers have blossomed as a result of advertising for medical marijuana in their pages, according to The New York Times.

However, in San Francisco, this sector's growth could come to a screeching halt due to a typo in the city's code on dispensaries of the drug, the East Bay Express reports.

Across the metropolis, there are various home daycare centers, which are considered schools according to the code. Because the mandate requires that medical cannabis dispensaries are 1,000 feet away from these institutions, law enforcement officials could close nearly all of the city's 25 purveyors.

The San Francisco medical cannabis task force has asked the city's Board of Supervisors to change the code by one letter, as the present wording would lead to an effective abolition of the area's medical marijuana business. They argued that the industry supplements the city by providing retail tax revenue and preserving law enforcement careers by paying cultivation fees, according to the news source. 

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