Grammar Check May Prevent Miscommunications That Can be Caused by Autocorrectors

Electronic media has become a widely popular platform for both personal and professional communication over the past few years. Although email and text messaging can enable people to connect with one another quickly and efficiently, these systems are not without flaws.

In fact, some of these problems could result in embarrassing spelling and grammar issues if the sender is not paying attention to what they are typing. For example, points out several instances of unintentionally nonsensical messages that resulted from the use of the iPhone's autocorrect tool.

David Pogue, a technology columnist for The New York Times, recently told the newspaper that running a quick check for grammar is essential for individuals who use electronic devices to communicate.

"Especially when your boss, your parents or your love interest is the recipient of your e-mail or text message, it’s worth taking an extra moment to proofread."

Individuals who often work or send professional messages on their cell phones or other handheld tools may want to consider running a grammar check before they press "send," as this small step could save them a great deal of humiliation.