Educators aim to improve grammar and spelling

In recent years, educators have placed a decreased emphasis on holding extensive English grammar lessons. However, some members of this industry are working to reverse that trend.

For instance, Susan Behrens, a professor at Marymount Manhattan College in New York recently created a Grammar Club that uses The New York Times as a teaching tool, according to the news source.

The educator told the newspaper that she created the organization to answer the fact that she and many of her coworkers do not integrate grammar lessons into their curricula. She added that they have noticed that many incoming students do not have a very strong foundation in this subject.

Behrens observed that "more academic rules [of the English language] can elude students...even common punctuation and other mechanical errors often reflect students' lack of explicit knowledge of grammatical boundaries."

Some professionals who work with younger learners are attempting to bring grammar lessons back into their classrooms. For instance, the Winnetka Public Schools Foundation recently announced that this year, the proceeds of its annual Phone-A-Thon fundraiser will be used to create a grammar guide for teachers, parents and students, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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