WhiteSmoke Review at the Telegraph

I was thrilled to check my Google Alerts this week and see a great WhiteSmoke review by the business writers at the Telegraph newspaper in the UK: www.telegraph.co.uk

Read the full review of WhiteSmoke here, or read on for some highlights.


The reviewers chose to focus on the Business Writing version of WhiteSmoke 2009. The Business Writing version shares the core feature set of grammar, spelling, and style with all WhiteSmoke versions, and adds a business-specific text enrichment profile. The reviewers found the program to be a very useful writing tool, and specifically addressed the one point that we all know and love here at WhiteSmoke - it really does give you much more grammar editing capabilities than any word processor alone:


"If you're unsure of what you're writing, it can be a boon, offering reassurance, brief explanation or correction quickly and simply. It seems to pick up more mistakes than a word processor alone, spotting missing prepositions or sloppy usage and grammar."


The only negative point that the reviewers raised is the price - $99.95 for the Business Writing version. Luckily for you, dear reader, we regularly have promotions where you can pick up WhiteSmoke software at greatly reduced prices in bundle packages. So, what are you waiting for - check out WhiteSmoke today!