Grammar and spelling errors come to light as university is investigated

Over the past several years, the higher education industry has seen many changes. The demand for quick, convenient learning options has caused many institutions - including Tri-Valley University - to come under a great deal of scrutiny.

According to KTVU, the Pleasanton, California-based school was recently raided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Immigration and customs agents told the news source that their efforts were part of a longstanding criminal investigation of the college's practices.

However, some members of the media are covering more than the school's questionable policies. For example, Yahoo! News contributor Carol Bengle Gilbert recently suggest that the school's website should be raided as well.

The writer points out that the page suggests that its creators "acquired a list of buzz words and applied them indiscriminately."

Indeed, the site is ridden with spelling and grammar errors, some of which appear to be broken English. Individuals who wish to avoid similarly embarrassing content issues may want to consider using translation software tools during their production processes. 

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