How to Write a Letter of Resignation

The song parody says, "Take this job and stick it in the bin." But, while nine to five may not be how you want to make your living, your letter of resignation should leave a good impression. While the form of a resignation letter may vary from a short paragraph to a full page or even two, it is usually a short letter. The content is professional, polite, and polished. Use correct English grammar, correct spelling, correct punctuation and a professional business writing style when you write your letter of resignation, just in case you need a reference from your former employer.

Be brief and to the point when writing the resignation letter. Use clear and precise writing, with no judgments only facts. Even if you are angry or unhappy, be courteous. As in all business letters, include the date, the name and address of the person you are writing to, and a professional greeting.

Introduce the resignation letter with a brief paragraph stating that while you have learned a lot on the job and benefited from your time there, unfortunately circumstances are such that you will be leaving your job. Next in your letter of resignation, write a brief paragraph stating when you will leave and, if you know, where you can be contacted after you leave. Conclude your resignation letter with a brief thank you. Each paragraph need be no more than three or four sentences long. If it is appropriate, you might write when and how arrangements will be made to turn over documents, files, keys, and the like.

You don't want to sound like this letter:

Dear Jerk-face,

Boy I is glad to leaf this crazy piece of work. Your system for screwing the customer is so convoluted that I can't even keep it straight, and I work hear. The rat trap stinks and you are the main reason. Big cheese indeed. I'll miss my buds, but not you, for sure.  I can wait to get out of here so I stop work tomorrow to surf. Surf's up, dude, but you're down!

Even though you are quitting, you might need "jerk-face" to write a letter of recommendation later. You really want your boss to see your best writing skills in your letter of resignation. A better example would be:

Dear Mr. Scrooge:

Working here at Best Deals in the World has provided me a unique opportunity professionally. I appreciate having learned about Customer Service and the intricacies of warranty agreements.

However, at this time I want to pursue other opportunities in my life. I will be moving to California, where I hope to find outdoor employment. My last day of employment will be in two weeks, at the end of the next pay period.
It is with some regret that I leave my colleagues here.  Thank you for five years of employment.

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Above all, English writing, especially business writing, needs to show you at your best. Your letter of resignation will have a positive impact if you use White Smoke business writing software. Your boss may even be sorry to see you go!