Business Writing

Writing has always been an essential part of doing business, as any proposal, agreement or contract must always be given in writing so as to make it formal and valid, in the name of both proper business conduct and for legal purposes. Often, we think of software for business finances, business plans, or project management before considering software for business writing and communication. It is a well-known fact that the best work opportunities are reserved for candidates with the best Business English skills, of which writing is increasingly important.

As the use of on-screen and online services grows, some business communication practices, as simple as confirming travel arrangements or taking phone messages, now require writing skills tailored to needs of the workplace. WhiteSmoke English Writing Software has unique features conducive to enhancing your business writing.

Most people agree that comparing the 4 basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, it is the latter that requires the most amount of time and effort. Whereas spoken language is naturally accepted as spontaneous, idiosyncratic, digressive and somewhat erratic, written language is expected to be well planned, organized, focused and adherent to writing convention. A well written product serves as a promotional showcase of the company's activities while a badly written one may be detrimental to a company's image and even hinder sales.

A key factor that contributes to improved business writing is the adherence to strict formats and genres. These provide for a general structure and style which are expected in business correspondence and documentation. In addition to a general framework, themed vocabulary and specialist expressions serve as common idioms which make the language of business comprehensible to players in commercial circles. Such requirements may seem daunting and actually repel many business writers, especially in the beginning stages of writing. WhiteSmoke's answer to these are its business templates.

Business Writing with WhiteSmoke Writing Templates

WhiteSmoke's business writing templates provide skeletons for business writing assignments already laden in with content, which can be modified according to need. Templates are provided across all business activities. In business planning and management, you will find templates for filling out office memos, executive summaries, franchise agreements and business plans. For human resource management you benefit from ready made letters of job acceptance, employment contracts and recommendation letters for employees.

Financial documents call for fixed formats for invoices, sales orders, purchase bills, revenue reports, collection notices and requests to increase the firm's credit limit. Marketing and advertisement needs merit writing templates for press releases, business presentations, campaign bids and marketing plans. Having such templates to begin with eases your way into Business Writing and teaches you its inner workings as you go along.

WhiteSmoke Business Writing Tools

In addition to general format or genre your writing falls into, any kind of English text production consists of juggling between quite a few factors, which both the native speaker and the speaker of English as a foreign/second language have to consider. From writing purpose and audience, via vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation to style, register and professional jargon are all key elements, which vary according to the writing task at hand. Planning, outlining, drafting, editing, redrafting, revising and proofreading are must-be stages one cannot over-look in aspiring to deliver the best possible document for the purpose of closing that next deal.

Solutions for these writing challenges are provided by the WhiteSmoke English Writing Software. WhiteSmoke's advanced artificial intelligence algorithms enable detection and correction of language errors that may damage the professional business image you want to project. With WhiteSmoke's English grammar engine, you will not have to worry about seeming unintelligent to prospective customers when writing that next business e-mail.

Trust WhiteSmoke's impressive proofreading abilities, as the ever-improving spellchecker and smart punctuation check will prevent you from getting embarrassed, or even worse - rejected by would-be partners or investors for your next business venture.

WhiteSmoke's English text correction features are coupled with its text enrichment database. As the software algorithms constantly scan an endless number of texts, adding to the large variety of enrichment suggestions of synonyms, extra adjectives and adverbs that bring English text enhancement to a whole new level, while being able to adapt suggestions to the needs of business, legal, medical or creative writing purposes. WhiteSmoke's English text enhancement also builds on WhiteSmoke 's remarkable online dictionary and thesaurus. These can be supplemented by an optional Multi-Language Translator, giving you immediate foreign language translations within any WhiteSmoke dictionary entry. This genuinely makes the software really adaptable for international English users.

Business Online Video Tutorials

An exciting new supplement to the WhiteSmoke experience that helps you be a better effective communicator in Business English is Business Online, a new series of video tutorials brought to you by WhiteSmoke. We are now proud to offer you a 24-unit online Business English course, which is based on real-life business scenarios and practices all 4 language skills. The program is suited for intermediate to advanced speakers working and communicating in a corporate environment and contains on-line immediate assessment, ideal for students preparing for Business English certification or ESOL exams, or anyone who seeks to improve their English and succeed in International business.

Considering all that WhiteSmoke English writing software offers you in order to correct, enrich and enhance your Business English writing, why not enjoy it all today? Why waste money and time on business writing seminars when you have all the tools you need at the end of your finger tips ? Your English communication both inside and outside your business will definitely take you to the next level of performance, making you wonder how you got by without WhiteSmoke in the first place.