How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application

Get the job you've always dreamed of by sending the perfect resume and cover letter. Your skills set and experiences are impressive, so let your potential employers know by highlighting them in your job applications with perfect English writing.  Achieve the highest level of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your cover letter for a job application with WhiteSmoke English writing software, the comprehensive writing tool.  Follow the tips below for writing an effective cover letter, and then see the example of a cover letter for a job application that you can refer to as a template when you write your own cover letter.

First Paragraph - Why You Are Writing

If someone you know referred you to a potential employer, be sure to mention it!  Your reader will be encouraged to keep reading when s/he sees a name she recognizes.
-Taylor Doe suggested that I write to you regarding a position as a teacher at your school.

If you are responding to a published job listing, reference it in this paragraph.
-Please accept my application for the computer programmer position you published in  Computers Today.  I am confident that my background and experience with computer programming will prove to be a suitable match for your needs.

If you are writing to inquire about a potential job opening or a prospecting letter, it is especially crucial to write a strong paragraph that will catch and hold your reader's attention. You must also be specific about what type of job you are seeking.
-I recently read in Up-to-Date Magazine that your company was ranked first in the field of racecar paints.  Because I will be graduating from Best University in May, I am anxious to continue my work with chemistry and paints on a full-time basis.  I would like to discuss my research and practical experience with creating paints, and how it matches your work.

Middle Paragraph(s) - What You Have to Offer

The middle paragraphs are your place to shine.  Here you should include 1-3 focused paragraphs that highlight why you are a good candidate for a job, as you can see in the job application cover letter sample that follows these tips.  Illustrate how your particular abilities match specific qualifications listed in the job posting; tell about your potential for fulfilling the employer's needs in a prospecting letter.  In both cases, refer to particular skills you possess and details about the organization to show you've done your research.  Describe your strengths, interest, achievements, and motivation.  Also, refer your reader to your resume, but do not repeat word for word what's written there. Instead, add more details that highlight your experience.

Closing Paragraph - How You Will Follow Up

After you have interested your potential employer with the first paragraphs of your cover letter for a job application, indicate how you will be in contact.  Be direct in expressing your interest in a job, and indicate that you will follow up with a phone call to schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient time.  Then make the call within the time frame!  In some cases phone calls are prohibited or not welcome, but you should at least check that your materials were received.

The final and crucial last step in writing a cover letter for a job application is proofreadin.  Even with the most impressive skills set and experience, a cover letter with errors in spelling or English grammar will get you nowhere.  An employer will doubt your intelligence and abilities if s/he reads a cover letter with mistakes.  Check your writing for a professional finished product using WhiteSmoke online writing software, and avoid potentially costly mistakes.  In one click with WhiteSmoke, you have easy access to the most comprehensive writing toolkit: English grammar check, spell check, punctuation check, online dictionary, context-based synonyms from a thesaurus, and unique enrichment feature that suggests adverbs and adjectives for better writing.  Write a better cover letter with WhiteSmoke online software, and land your dream job!

A template of a cover letter for a job application

Firstname Lastname
Phone number:


Name of addressee
Title, company

Dear Addressee:

My experience working in the World Art Museum's public programming department makes me an ideal candidate for the museum educator position you listed with Best University's career office.

You indicate that you seek someone with leadership, communication, and teaching skills.  Last year I had the opportunity to intern with the World Art Museum in the public programming department.  There, I worked behind the scenes alongside museum curators and employees designing programs for school groups and the public.  When the programs were completed and put into motion, I traveled to schools and presented the programs to students, guided tours of museum exhibits on-site, and led groups of museum visitors in interactive discussions and art projects.

These experiences involved application of the theoretical and practical coursework I completed for my Education major, as well as coursework for my Art History and Creative Arts minors.  My ability to work effectively as a team member helped me successfully create and present the programs.  In addition, I relied on my strengths in written communication while creating the programs, and public speaking skills when engaging with students and museum visitors.

Consequently, I believe that I can apply the same skills I used in my internship last year to a position at your museum.  I look forward to discussing the job opportunity with you in more detail.  I will call next week to see if you agree that my experiences match the qualifications you seek in your ideal candidate.  If so, I would like to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time.  I look forward to speaking with you, and thank you for your consideration.



Firstname Lastname


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