How to Thank Someone for Expressions of Sympathy

At times of loss and grief, our friends and family often rally around us to show their support. This can be in the form of daily help with the house and kids, emotional support via telephone, or by sending sympathy letters and cards. In the face of all these expressions of sympathy and displays of care we may be moved to thank those who came to our aid. Here we will offer some basic tips for writing a thank you letter to those who have offered you expressions of sympathy.

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Tips for your letter

  1.     Begin with your appreciation of the person's expressions of sympathy, acknowledging their specific contribution (a beautiful card, help with the kids, etc.)
  2.     State how the person's friendship is important to you, and is helping you to endure difficult times
  3.     Express your desire for a regular routine, shared with good friends and family
  4.     End with your gratitude for the person's support

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