How to Give a Personal Compliment

At many times in life we receive the help of others, or see others give their help selflessly in the community. While such acts are not usually performed with the expectation of recognition or praise, sometimes we may feel moved to write a compliment letter acknowledging the person's actions. Here we will offer some general tips for writing a personal compliment letter so you can be sure your letter is received as intended.

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  1.     Keep the letter concise
  2.     Start by describing the event in which the person was involved (eg., caring for an elderly neighbor, helping out a family after an accident)
  3.     Offer your praise for the person's actions
  4.     Finish by thanking the person, and stating how his/her actions are an example to the whole community

By following these simple tips for your personal compliment letter, you are half way there. Now you need to make sure your English grammar is correct. WhiteSmoke Writing Software is the most complete writing tool available for this task.