How to Market Your Software Successfully

How you market your software products is the major factor in your success or failure as a software developer. This may seem an unfair reality to some, who would hope that the features and benefits of a software application would be enough to ensure success. The truth is, without a quality marketing strategy, your product will not reach the audience it requires for success. This can be a large obstacle for small startups with only a core development team, as English copywriting will be a task they simply "have to do", rather than something treated as intrinsically tied to the product's success. This would be a mistake, and this article seeks to show you why English grammar, spelling and writing style are vitally important.

Having a great idea for a software product is the first step to creating a startup and employing a development team. How you convey your product to an audience, including the quality of your website, the way in which you advertise and market, and the writing style you employ for copywriting is then the next vital step to work on, and in this, many companies fall short. A good manual for your product, or a well written and informative web site, often seem superfluous to developers who are busy solving issues in the implementation of the program, but ultimately, these are exactly the things the customer uses to form an opinion of the product and its relevancy for them.

Of course, not every startup company will have the funds for a dedicated English copywriter in the early stages of the business. That doesn't have to mean, however, that your product is doomed to Internet obscurity. With WhiteSmoke writing technology, you can create professional quality copy for your web site and marketing needs from your own texts. WhiteSmoke will take your writing, and like any quality English editor or copywriter, turn them into gold.

Here's how WhiteSmoke works:

First, write your promotional text, webpage, or marketing banner. When you feel like it is fairly complete, simply click the WhiteSmoke key to let WhiteSmoke begin its work on the text. Almost instantly, WhiteSmoke will scan the text and detect all spelling and English grammar errors, as well as make intelligent suggestions for enriching your writing style with synonyms, and additional adverbs and adjectives.