How to Write a Congratulation Letter

At times in life we see friends and colleagues make great personal or professional achievements, and it only seems appropriate to mark their success with a congratulation letter. We want to show them that others see their efforts, and that they can be proud of their achievements. If the person is well known to you, a congratulation letter can be personal and informal, but there are still some tips to consider in making it a truly great letter. We list some tips below, but you should also consider the quality of your grammar: Does the letter communicate clearly? Could it be misinterpreted?

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Tips for a Congratulation Letter

  1.  Write the congratulation letter soon after the achievement.
  2.  State in the beginning the specific occasion that has moved you to write the letter.
  3.  Express praise and approval of the achievement.
  4.  Keep your congratulation letter short and clear, without additional details.
  5.  Keep your letter positive.
  6.  Don't exaggerate your congratulatory words; be honest but not over-enthusiastic.

By following these simple tips for your congratulation letter, you are half way there. All you need now is WhiteSmoke Writing Software to ensure your grammar is perfect, and your writing style is communicative.