Enrichment Software

Taking your readers into consideration is a crucial aspect when writing a text. When writing a formal letter to your boss, the words you use should be more sophisticated than when writing an informal letter to your friend, which might include slang as well as simple language. WhiteSmoke enrichment software is the ideal tool for you to use in order to match your level of writing with your readers' expectations. WhiteSmoke text enrichment software will provide you with synonyms, which will take your text up a notch.

Enrich Your Text in a Natural Way

WhiteSmoke writing enrichment software uses a Natural Language Processing technology, which will enrich your text according to its formality level. Based on the context of the text, WhiteSmoke enrichment software will suggest you to replace your words with appropriate synonyms from the WhiteSmoke thesaurus.

Writing for The Right Purpose

WhiteSmoke enrichment software is the best solution for matching your level of writing with your writing purpose. Here's why:

Synonym suggestions - Click on a word to see relevant synonyms that will enrich your text.

Thesaurus in a click- Look for synonyms and antonyms for the words you wish to use in your text in order to maintain its meaning.

Instant analysis - With only one click, WhiteSmoke will enrich your text and correct your grammar and spelling as a good editor would.

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Try our online enrichment tool for free today, and assess the quality for yourself.

See Our Enrichment Software in Action

WhiteSmoke enrichment software goes way beyond providing synonyms and a thesaurus. In order to enhance your writing on different levels, WhiteSmoke enrichment software includes a grammar checker and a spell checker, which will make sure your writing is intact - it is, in fact, a complete editing software solution for your writing.

See the product page for further information.