How to Write a Press Release

Writing a good press release is one of the keys to successful business. You have something special to offer, so you should let the public know about it.  Use this method of announcing new services, product lines, or other happenings in your business to generate positive talk. If you choose to write your own press release, you must proofread it thoroughly with a trustworthy writing program like WhiteSmoke. If you need to save time or just want to insert your own information to a template, you can also use WhiteSmoke’s selection of professional templates.   Write a press release (sometimes referred to as a news release) with the help of WhiteSmoke online writing software, and see an impressive reaction.

The first thing to consider in how to write a press release is the headline.  You should use strong words and messages to catch your readers’ attention.   WhiteSmoke’s thesaurus software will help you find the right synonym for what you need to say.  The enrichment feature will suggest adjectives and adverbs for powerful phrases that will draw the reader into the story.   After you have your readers’ attention with a humorous or otherwise catchy headline, you should continue by providing the most important information first.   In the following paragraphs, include information from most-important to least-important, to ensure your readers see the essential facts first.

After the headline, the next part of a press release is the opening paragraph.   This should provide answers to the six Ws and an H questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how.   The first few lines of the release, called the lead, are designed to provide a lot of information in a short amount of space.   Use WhiteSmoke’s thesaurus to find smart synonyms and the online dictionary for expanding the vocabulary you can use to impress your readers, and convey the important details about your news.