How to Apply for a Job in IT

IT is possibly the most dynamic and exciting industry today. Consequently, more and more people are seeking jobs in IT, either by moving to IT from a different field of expertise, or climbing the ladder from within the IT industry itself. In such a competitive market, your IT job search needs to be conducted with great attention to detail. The small things can make all the difference in landing a great job with a company you believe in. One of the most fundamental things to attend to is your communication -  particularly your written English.

The first glimpse a potential employer has of you is through your resume (CV or curriculum vitae) and your job application letter. Spelling mistakes and grammar errors might even prevent you from getting an interview at all, regardless of your work experience credentials. Before sending your application for a position that has caught your interest, proofread your texts thoroughly. For 100% accurate proofreading, try using grammar checker software. WhiteSmoke will make sure your application communicates effectively.

Communication, however, is more that just grammar and spelling. Style is also important, and you want to use your writing style to separate you from other candidates. The goal is to make the potential employer see you as unique; as someone who can bring a new vitality and dynamic to an existing work team. Your writing must communicate who you are, not just what you have done.

WhiteSmoke can help you to turn your application letter into a more persuasive and enticing document which demonstrates your personality. With a unique enrichment feature that scans your text and actually suggests adverbs, adjectives, and synonyms, your writing will actually be enhanced and great to read. A comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus mean you will never be short of words.

We have simply talked here about the application letter and resume (CV or curriculum vitae), and how to make these documents best represent you. Keep in mind that the idea here is to sell yourself as the best fit for the IT job on offer. Improved vocabulary and English grammar are simply means to the end, which is getting the job you want in the company you want. Of course, your skills and work experience are important, and you should also design your resume (CV or curriculum vitae) to highlight any skills that best match the job you want. But in the current market, employers are looking for more. They are looking for people who will bring their unique personality to contribute to the culture of the workplace. With this in mind, the way you write these important first documents is vitally important. Don't miss that job because you didn't run a grammar check, a spell check, or a punctuation check. Don't miss that job because you couldn't find the words to fully express your unique personality in the application letter. Get WhiteSmoke, and get the job you want.