How to Write Your Investment Letter of Intent

An investment letter of intent is written by an investor who intends to put money into the business or idea of an entrepreneur. The vast majority of investment letters of intent are not legally binding, although they are definitely "official" documents, providing a blueprint on which investment negotiations can begin. Therefore, if you seek to invest money into a startup or another type of business, you should carefully consider the writing of your investment letter!

Below we will give some specific tips for writing your investment letter of intent. Apart from the content, however, you also need to pay attention to how you write your letter. Most people do not think about writing style in relation to business communications. But, with so much relying on the investment letter, you really want to ensure that nothing is left to chance. The WhiteSmoke online English writing tool is a powerful English grammar software, spell checking software, and punctuation software rolled into one, which will guarantee that your investment letter reads perfectly.

Tips for your investment letter of intent

  1.     Include specific points that may not have been discussed in meetings and presentations, such as conditions on the investment.
  2.     Give the entrepreneur a timeframe for consummation of the deal. This is good for you and your decision-making, and good for the entrepreneur.
  3.     Clearly state any additional conditions if you are not providing the total amount of capital required.
  4.     Write with WhiteSmoke so that there is no ambiguity in any conditions.