WhiteSmoke Writer Executive Package

The WhiteSmoke Writer Executive Package is the complete bundle of all WhiteSmoke Writer products. It includes the standard WhiteSmoke Writer, the creative writing profile, business profile, and bio-tech profile, and the multi-lingual dictionary. As an added bonus, the Executive Package features 2 bonus writing profiles not available anywhere else - the legal writing profile and the hi-tech writing profile.

The Executive Package is the perfect choice for people writing regularly across a range of fields. Corporate users, professional writers, students, academics, and international business people can all benefit from the power of the Executive Package.

Benefits of the Executive Package


The Executive Package for WhiteSmoke Writer gives you the benefit of all WhiteSmoke Writer features at your finger tips. WhiteSmoke Writer allows you to quickly grammar check, correct your writing style, and check for spelling errors. Having access to all the additional writing profiles gives you the complete range of text enrichment and vocabulary choice for all your texts. See all features below:

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