Online Sentence Checker

Subject-verb agreement. Passive versus active. Dangling modifiers. Fragments. Sentence units. Object clauses. There's a lot you need to keep in mind when constructing proper sentences. Get one little aspect of your sentence structure wrong and you run the risk of saying something that you don't mean, not to mention giving off the impression of carelessness or ignorance.

To write effective and compelling prose – for both informal and formal documents – it's important that you have a working understanding of how sentences are structured.

WhiteSmoke's sentence structure checker will guide you through correcting your text to ensure that your sentences are grammatically and stylistically accurate and that they make sense. The sentence corrector will work to both identify and correct your incorrect sentences, as well as to educate you about proper sentence structure so that you don't make the same structural errors again.

Some of the most common structural errors that WhiteSmoke's sentence checker will identify include:

  • Run-on sentences.
  • Sentence fragments.
  • Comma splices.
  • Missing words.
  • Fused sentences.

Our sentence checker will go through and proof your entire document, making sure that each of your sentences expresses a complete idea. Each sentence should have a subject and verb (also known as a predicate) and an object. Punctuation should be used accurately, with commas and periods in the correct locations. Each sentence should begin with a capital letter.

You'll find that when your sentences are written correctly, your text as a whole will flow better. Your thoughts will easily be translated into words and those words will easily be understood by your readers.

One of the advantages of using WhiteSmoke's online sentence checker is that it does not work in a vacuum to correct only your sentences. It edits collaboratively with the grammar checker, spell checker, and online punctuation checker to make sure each and every element of your writing is proofread and optimized to the highest possible quality of writing. It would be a shame if your sentence structure was spot-on but that the words in your sentence were all horribly misspelled! And what good is a perfectly spelled document if all the punctuation is way off?

WhiteSmoke's sentence checker is an extremely popular tool for ESL students or for people who are translating their documents from their native language into English. For many foreigners, speaking English may be easy, but writing it may prove to be quite difficult. WhiteSmoke’s sentence check program will assist these individuals in improving their writing skills; such people will learn how to write sentences correctly, thus improving their English communication skills and producing more professional texts.

WhiteSmoke's sentence corrector software is viewed not just as a helpful correction tool, but as an educational program as well. The corrector won't just make the appropriate corrections, but will also teach users why the corrections need to be made. It is for this reason that more and more teachers and professors are encouraging their students to use the WhiteSmoke software – not just so that they hand in flawless assignments, but so that they embark on an enriched learning experience at the same time.

So next time you edit your next school assignment, business report, or legal contract, and spot a misplaced modifier or a sentence fragment, you'll know exactly what it is and how to deal with it!