Error Explanations

Grammar Error Explanations is one of the most popular features of WhiteSmoke Writer. Through using Writer, people can actually learn grammar rules and prevent mistakes in the future:

"I love that WhiteSmoke finds and fixes my grammar errors. What is even better, though, is that I learn through the rules and explanations given. These days, I make a lot less errors than before I was using WhiteSmoke Writer."

- A WhiteSmoke User

Chances are that whether English is your first language or it is your third, you make grammar mistakes when you write, on a daily basis. WhiteSmoke Writer's grammar software solution directly addresses this problem. Checking your grammar with Writer helps you detect grammar problems, and get easy access to the grammar rules that you are breaking! Using WhiteSmoke regularly, you can expect to see an improvement in the type and frequency of the grammar mistakes you make.

Benefits of WhiteSmoke Writer's Grammar Error Explanations

  •  Learn the Rules Anywhere — WhiteSmoke Writer works with any text-based desktop or online application, so you can get grammar rule explanations anywhere too!
  •  Knowledge is Power — Being a great writer starts with the basics - grammar, spelling, and writing style. Learning and applying grammar rules will help you improve your writing sooner .
  •  Enhance Your Writing in Seconds — Simply press the WhiteSmoke Key, and within seconds, WhiteSmoke Writer is ready to work on your text.

Watch Grammar Error Explanations in Action


WhiteSmoke Writer goes a lot further than checking your grammar and helping you with grammar rules. It is in fact an all-in-one solution for anyone writing in English.

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