Writing Templates

Sometimes, you need to write a letter or a document and you have no idea how to begin. Even if you do begin, it is sometimes hard to know exactly what you should write. Surely you have found yourself asking:

"If only I knew what I need to say in this letter..."

At times like these, access to an assortment of templates for letter writing and for other official documents is a godsend. Software for letter writing helps you be more efficient in your writing, and to ensure that what you write is relevant for the purpose.

WhiteSmoke Writer is a complete document and letter writing software solution. Featuring hundreds of letter and document templates, you will never be stuck for words again. A high quality template solution could mean all the difference between a text that works and one that doesn't achieve your goals.

Benefits of Letter Writing Software Solutions

  •  Template Access Everywhere — WhiteSmoke Writer works with any text-based application. So, if you need a letter or document in your favorite online or desktop software, it is seconds away with Writer.
  •  Quality is the Key — Hundreds of high quality letter and document templates are on call, ready for integration with your own writing.
  •  Results in Seconds — Simply press the WhiteSmoke Key, and within seconds, your letter writing software is ready to go.

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WhiteSmoke Writer is much more than a software solution for letters and documents. It is in fact an all-in-one solution for anyone writing in English, with a focus on correcting and enhancing your writing.

Still curious? Read more about WhiteSmoke Writer's features on the WhiteSmoke Writer Page.