How to Write an Insurance Claim

Most of us take out insurance for many things in our lives: car insurance, home and contents insurance, travel insurance, medical insurance, for instance. In the unfortunate circumstance that you will actually need to make claim for stolen goods or medical services, it is important to know what your insurance entitles you to, and how to go about making your insurance claim. You will need to read your contract carefully - or speak to your insurance company - to find out just what they require to accept a claim.

Below we will offer some general tips for your claim letter. In order to make sure that you communicate the claim effectively, use WhiteSmoke Writing Software, which provides a full suite of proofreading tools, as well as additional language aids such as an online dictionary, a thesaurus software and a unique enrichment feature to expand your vocabulary.

Tips for the claim letter

  1.     Before you make any claim, get some estimates for repair (if the product can be repaired), or an estimated market value (for stolen goods).
  2.     Introduce yourself and state which insurance policy you are claiming on. Also give your policy number.
  3.     Enclose any estimates with the claim letter, and indicate that you have done so.
  4.     Ask to be informed ASAP on the turn around time for your claim to be assessed.
  5.     Give your current contact details.

Following these tips will get you some way towards a good letter for your insurance claim. WhiteSmoke Writing Software will make sure that the effort you put in is not in vain due to grammar, spelling or punctuation errors -  mistakes that WhiteSmoke can fix almost instantly. Correct use of English grammar will make sure your claim is intelligible and get you the most prompt action.