How to Write a Magazine Article

Writing a magazine, or feature, article differs from newspaper articles in that most magazines allow more space to develop a story (the article is longer) and more time to research it. Writing for a news magazine most resembles newspaper articles. In any case, it is still important in this form of journalism to answer the five questions:
     What (or what happened)?

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The rest of a magazine article elaborates on these questions, often in some detail. A feature article in particular will go in depth on a subject, giving readers background and perspective on "the story behind a story" or "the person behind a story." Another type of feature article, the travel article, focuses on a place or event where readers might like to go (or just to know about).

Magazine articles include photos and graphic art more often than newspaper articles. Sometimes a magazine article is an extended interview with a famous person, an important person, or an interesting person.

If you want to be paid to write an article, here are some article writing tips:

  1.      Read the magazine that you want to publish your article in so that you are very familiar with its style, themes, format and the other writers
  2.      Check the masthead of the magazine to see its policies about accepting unsolicited articles--most require a query letter
  3.      Make sure you have researched the topic you will write about thoroughly
  4.      Write a good query letter--be sure to use WhiteSmoke English grammar software as editors don't like errors in query letters
  • o    Include information about any past publications
    o    Provide background on the story and how it fits into the magazine's format and content--show your familiarity with the magazine
    o    List any sources and special expertise you have related to the article
    o    Discuss how you envision approaching the subject in your article

5.      Continue researching your article, but don't start writing until you've heard from the editor, who might suggest a different direction, other sources, or even a different subject
6.      Once the editor has given the green light, write the article
7.      Use WhiteSmoke's dictionary and thesaurus to find the precise language you need for your article
8.      Use WhiteSmoke English grammar check and spell check to prevent errors
9.      Finish on-time and to-length--follow the writing guidelines, provided by the editor, in the magazine, or on its web site, exactly
10.     Use WhiteSmoke English writing software as you write--you will write a better article if you do!

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