How to Respond to a Complaint Letter

It happens from time to time in business that a customer or supplier may write a complaint letter. Complaints obviously stem from less than desirable service or relations. Sometimes this can be due to error on the part of your company, for instance mistakes in making an order, or regular late payments to suppliers. At other times the fault may, in your opinion, rest with the customer or supplier. Whatever the case, remember the golden rule:  the customer is always right, and use the complaint letter as a vehicle to improve customer relations, and improve your business.

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Some tips for responding to a complaint letter

  1.     Remember the customer is always right, and, be humble! Even if you really think the customer is wrong, there is still something to learn from his/her letter. In your response, start from this understanding.
  2.     Start by thanking the customer for putting his/her concerns in writing.
  3.     Address the concerns directly, and indicate the steps you are taking to resolve them.
  4.     Consider offering the customer some compensation for his troubles, such as a 20% discount of his/her next order.
  5.     Thank the customer for his/her time.

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