Grammar Software

In our sped-up, Internet-connected world, a quality English grammar software solution is essential for clear and accurate English writing. Traditionally, software solutions for checking grammar have been patchy at best - based on grammar rules, but having trouble detecting the real mistakes people make in the flow of writing. That's where WhiteSmoke Writer excels – an intelligent software program for English grammar that detects and correct a vast amount of errors, and continuously improves!

Advanced Grammar Technology for Error-Free Writing

WhiteSmoke Writer is based on patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that intelligently understands your text and performs corrections accordingly. For you, that means you can rely on Writer to find your grammar mistakes, and ensure your text is ready to send. Grammar correction in WhiteSmoke Writer is quick and intuitive – simply press the WhiteSmoke Key when you are ready to check your grammar. Writer will instantly analyze your text and present suggestions. A grammar tool was never this easy to use, nor the results so accurate.

The Best Software for Grammar - WhiteSmoke Writer

WhiteSmoke Writer leads the field for English grammar correction. Here are some reasons:

  • High Precision – Detects and corrects more grammar errors than other products.
  • Easy to Use – Simply write in any application you like, and launch WhiteSmoke when you are ready to edit.
  • Learn as You Write – Get explanations of grammar rules, and learn from the patterns of your own mistakes.

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Try our online grammar software for free today, and assess the quality for yourself.

See Our Grammar Software in Action

WhiteSmoke Writer is much more than anEnglish grammar software program. It is in fact an all-in-one writing software solution for anyone writing in English. Writer is a complete dictionary software tool, with a full set of word definitions and synonyms, and is often used in academic settings as a proofreading software solution.

See the product page for further information.