How to Write a Letter of Complaint

Letters of complaint require professional presentation. Legitimate complaints cannot elicit a sympathetic response if the recipient does not understand the complaint.

It is important to write the letter when emotions have calmed down. A clear and concise letter presenting grievances in a logical manner will maximize the chances of receiving successful redress.

Tips for Writing Your Complaint Letter

By keeping these tips in mind, you will be on your way to writing a complaint letter that will get results.

Letter of Complaint Example

“On March 31, I purchased a 52-inch plasma television from your store. The salesperson, James Jones, assured me that professional installation was included in the sale price and I could expect installation within two days of delivery.

As of April 6, no installation had taken place. I contacted your store that day at 11:30 a.m. and spoke to Rose Jarvis. She stated the reason I had not heard from anyone was because it was my responsibility to call and arrange for an installation. She told me there was a $200 installation charge if personnel from your store installed the unit.

This was not what the salesperson, James Jones, told me upon purchase.

I contacted Mr. Jones to intercede on my behalf. His responded that I had misunderstood him and claimed he never said installation would be free and that only professional installation was available.

I purchased this unit with free installation confirmed. If I had known there was an installation charge, I would have purchased my television set from another retail outlet.

Please contact me at 999-999-9999 so that we may resolve this matter.”

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