How to Announce a New Product

In these days of aggressive marketing practices you want to make sure your new product gets the attention it deserves. Announcing your product is an important phase of the marketing process, and should be conducted with thorough attention to detail to ensure maximum product exposure. A successful product launch makes a great deal of difference to the long-term success of your product. You need to consider which medium will be best suited to reach your target audience: press releases, blog marketing, email marketing, or advertising in national and local printed press?

Whichever advertising medium is most suitable for your product, it is vital that your English writing be clear and correct. Your company image depends on it, so it is worth putting some extra effort into your grammar and writing style. WhiteSmoke is the perfect tool for giving your product launch this finishing touch. As an all-in-one solution, WhiteSmoke features a grammar checker, a spell checker, a thesaurus software and an online dictionary combined with special enrichment features to make your marketing communications stand out.

Here are some general tips for writing your product announcement:

  1.     Conduct some initial research on the media preferences of your potential customer base. Where you announce will determine how you announce.
  2.     Consider the language you will employ to announce your product. Many customers are put off by 'marketing-speak'; they prefer to hear about the product in language they can relate to. Try to keep this in mind when writing catch-phrases.
  3.     For press releases and other long written announcements, you have an opportunity to talk a little about your company. You can give the reader a small amount of information on your great customer service, or your position in the market.

By following these simple tips on for your product release, you are half way there. Now you need to make your message communicate clearly to the widest possible range of people; WhiteSmoke Writing Software is the most complete writing tool available for this task.