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Remove WhiteSmoke Toolbar

The WhiteSmoke Toolbar is a browser add-on that allows you to check text in English for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. It also includes a dictionary and thesaurus as well as a translator. It is completely free of charge.

If you would like to remove it, please choose your browser and follow the instructions below:

Removal instructions for CHROME   Removal instructions for FIREFOX   Removal instructions for INTERNET EXPLORER


WhiteSmoke’s browser extension makes three changes to your browser. The addition of the toolbar, editing the default search provider and changing your homepage. Please follow each step below to completely remove it from your browser.

The removal instructions includes:


WhiteSmoke is an innovative, fast-growing software company with a focus on advanced technology solutions that assist users in generating grammatically correct, concise and well-written English texts.

Our flagship product, the WhiteSmoke Writer, is the best grammar, spelling, punctuation and style checking system on the market. Compatible with various platforms, our solutions are user-friendly for all levels of computer literacy.

You can try out our software using the free trial:

If you are still experiencing issues with our toolbar, please use the form below and our support department will contact you and assist you.