Creating Professional Documents with a Punctuation Checker

If you sometimes get confused between a colon and a semicolon or a hyphen, dash, or em-dash, then you are not alone. In fact, not only are you not alone, but you join the majority of people in this world who can speak English fluently, but who don't know the first thing about the details of punctuation. Fortunately for you, WhiteSmoke has developed a state-of-the-art punctuation checker to help you correct punctuation errors in your writing.

The program offers a wide range of operations. It will identify missing punctuation, like an absent quotation mark or a missing period – obvious mistakes that you probably just missed due to working quickly, and it will also find and correct less obvious punctuation mistakes, like a colon that should really be a dash or an apostrophe that was put in the wrong place.

One of the benefits of such an elaborate program is that over time, you will find that your punctuation usage has actually improved. WhiteSmoke's punctuation checker won't just correct your errors without showing your mistakes; rather, it will highlight your errors, offer possible solutions, and even provide writing tips that will help you avoid making those same mistakes in the future. Think of our punctuation program as your very own personal tutor – you'll receive flawless, perfectly punctuated writing and one-on-one English punctuation lessons!

WhiteSmoke's punctuation checker is a popular tool used in offices, universities, and homes across the world. According to Dr. David Spencer, professor of English, punctuation is a little-studied subject that should deserve more attention. "From an early age schoolchildren are taught how to spell and how to write simple sentences," he says. "But grammar in general and punctuation in particular have been neglected in recent years. Teachers seem to think that students can just rely on Microsoft Word's grammar checker and have that be enough. But it's not enough – the program has its limitations and there are no lessons learned from its suggestions. WhiteSmoke's program offers this dual advantage – it corrects poor grammar and punctuation and it teaches students how to avoid making these errors in the future."

WhiteSmoke’s punctuation check software was designed to address the multiple shortcomings associated with other punctuation checker programs that are available. This punctuation checker software comes with a variety of features, including the ability to efficiently analyze all sentences for structural errors. If a punctuation error is located, WhiteSmoke’s punctuation checker software program will prompt the writer to change the mistake. Affected areas of the text are underlined and suggestions for possible corrections are given. Not only does this punctuation checker program find the mistakes, but it also teacher the writer how to avoid the mistakes in the future.

WhiteSmoke’s punctuation checker compares your written text with its large database of sentences, words, and mistakes and then uses an artificial intelligent algorithm program to determine the writing patterns. The punctuation checker also comes with proofreading capabilities, thesaurus, auto correction features, and other custom settings you would not find in a writing program like Microsoft Word. Our punctuation checker assists novices and professional writers in writing impeccable documents without spending too much time worrying about editing and rewriting – it also teaches them a thing or two about the mechanics of the English language so that in time they'll make fewer and fewer grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors!