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In our search for writing enhancement software, WhiteSmoke Writer came out on top.

Green Bay Press Gazette

"Today, each one of us is communicating 50 to 100 times a day either by e-mail, posting opinions on blogs or on a chat area on the Internet."

The Good Web Guide

"Improve your writing skills and communications with this all-in-one programme."


"[A] new Facebook application has been launched and it looks like a sure winner when it comes to grammar correcting."

The Jerusalem Post

"[WhiteSmoke] sets itself up as a plug-in accessible in in most of your PC's programs, and makes suggestions based on the context of your writing to improve grammar."

The Observer

"If you love language already, it would be like a calculator for a mathematician," said Hilla Ovil-Brenner, the founder and chief executive of WhiteSmoke.

Business 2.0

"The software's secret sauce is its online database, which crawls news and business websites every day and "reads" all the sentences using WhiteSmoke's proprietary algorithms."


"WhiteSmoke's software looks to improve documents in two ways. First, it runs a grammar and spell check, trying to find things missed by the standard tools found in e-mail and word processing applications."

ISP Planet

"There are samples and a demo on the website to show how the software works. As we look at what it does, we are not at all surprised that it's selling well in the U.S. The software does for English what many managers expect their employees to do."


"The language support service will be available free of charge for ICQ users and is expected to appear as an additional icon on the respective ICQ service. Additional integration with ICQ's instant messenger service is expected later in 2007."

MSN Technology

"WhiteSmoke, maker of English grammar and writing software solutions, has launched a new message composer application for Facebook."

Software Informer

"WhiteSmoke integrates many writing tools and can be used for many purposes. It can be used in order to write business documents, term papers for students, emails or any other documents where correct spelling and punctuation are indispensable. Its simple and intuitive design can help you in no time."