How to Write a Song

WhiteSmoke writing software may not win you a songwriting contest, but whether you want to write a rock song, a country song, a rap song, or a guitar song, these songwriting tips and WhiteSmoke English writing software will help you write a better song lyric. No promises about winning the American Idol songwriting contest, though!

Now, how to write song lyrics. Songs have a common structure that makes songwriting easy. Song lyrics have verses, a chorus, and often a bridge. Most songs also have a hook. Songwriting therefore, requires you to know these. So, if you want to write that hit song, follow along! We're about to explore the craft of songwriting.

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Now, on to some songwriting tips:

Let's start with the chorus. The chorus often contains the hook, too. A song's chorus is the part of the song lyric that repeats itself, sometimes changing a little, but usually a songwriter uses the same words. It comes after a verse. A phrase from the chorus "hooks" an audience, capturing its attention and usually staying in the memory of listeners after the song lyrics are over. Often the hook is the title of a hit song.

The chorus might be as long as a verse, but usually it is shorter. A song lyric's verse contains lines that rhyme. Ballads have longer verses; some country songs are ballads. Love songs and rock songs have shorter verses, only three or four lines.

Verses and the chorus of a song have a rhyme pattern. The rhythm of each song lyric's line matches the music. The rhyme pattern for a song's verses is almost always the same for all of the verses. The chorus might have a different pattern or the same as the verses.

The song lyrics' bridge sums up the story, adds a twist, changes the perspective, or provides insight to the song. Many songs don't have a bridge; those that do usually have only one bridge. The bridge has different music and a different rhyme pattern than the other song lyrics. The rhythm and length of the lyrics change to match the music. A few songs repeat a bridge, usually with a change in the lyrics that suggests things have changed for the songwriter.