8 Things That Confidante People Never Say

No / Do not know / Do not think

"No" is a negative and defeatist word that drives failure before taking the first step. Sometimes, when people get negative, they may start each action with the thought "I'm not sure I can do it." They base their negative thinking on past experiences instead of hoping for a better future. In our belief that we are indeed responsible for our future and believing in a better future may really bring much better forthcoming things for you, just by thinking positive thoughts. So whenever you come across these fears that accompany new and unfamiliar actions, teach yourself to think and speak positively. Things happen in the direction you directing.

I'm in a dilemma

Thinking about the results of anything can be a very calculated and right thing to do sometimes, but living out of a constant calculation of what might happen is not the right way to manage life. Give yourself time to consider things, but avoid overthink them. Remember that impulsive decisions can often lead to wrong results, so there's no point rushing with big decisions. Set a time frame to make any decision. However, it is better not to go around for days wondering what is right and worth doing, one dilemma can sometimes lead to endless other dilemmas

It's Impossible

For confidante people, there is no such thing as impossible. The real danger of "impossible" is to lose the desire for work to be done. When you face something and claim that it is impossible to perform you are reducing the chances of success.


"This is not the way we usually do it."

"I usually work better alone."

When you say "usually" you mean that there is only one way to do things. It's a word that closes doors to possibilities and new ways to do things. Life is about learning and when we use this word we do not allow ourselves to change, learn and develop. We justify our comfort-zone instead of saying "I'm willing to try another way" or "I agree to work differently." When you experience new things, you sometimes discover new findings, so experience and expertise grow as well as your self-confidence and faith in yourself.

I'm confused

Sometimes what confuses people is compulsive thinking. Cleaning your head can be the right thing to do when being confused. Give time to your mind to rest and the answers will usually come by themselves. Try to put your finger on what you want to achieve. When you have an answer, use it as a guideline and only then you will know how to reach the desired goal. There is really no reason to be confused over time. The solution to the confusion is in asking the right questions. It is better to be aware than to remain wondering in the dark. It's time to ask the right questions – what makes me feel that way? What is really holding me to better understand this situation? You can follow the answers you receive. So you can adjust your expectations and of course be much more confident in yourself.

I'm not sure

Like a gum that sticks on the shoe sole, we go with the negative thought that has stuck with us for days and weeks. When you are unsure of a particular thing, your entire language becomes insecure. We prefer to choose temporary answers instead of decisions - which leads us to lose our grip on our self-confidence. "I'm not sure" can affect all relationships in our lives and also bring us to a situation where we cannot keep our promises to others.

I am worried

How long do we spend imagining bad or bad scenarios instead of spending time on the pleasures of life? This habit must change strongly - stop being afraid of negative consequences. There is no reason to think about anything that does not develop or contribute to you and moreover, it is simply a total waste of time. Imagine success, joy and laughter instead of expressing your fears. Finally, you will find that all your fears were only in your mind and that the reality is not as terrible or frightening as you thought. Even if you cannot imagine a positive picture, you may want to focus on the present instead of the future. The present will give you a grip on what is happening now and leave you with your feet on the ground.

I want to do, but...

Life is a journey, and when moving forward is conditional on something else, you do not get anywhere. It is always better to try and fail than not to try at all. Sometimes the experience is more important than the result itself. When you are not too attached or afraid of the outcome, you will not be afraid to begin.