Common Mistakes Made in Emails

Sending an email has become a preferred method of contact for most people today. When so many are multi-tasking and have little time to sit down with the telephone, it can be a real time saver to jot down a message and send it over the internet. However, writing an email shouldn’t be viewed as an opportunity for laziness. Emails are often filled with mistakes, slang and horrendous grammar.

Perhaps the most common of all email writing mistakes is the urge to be casual to the point of carelessness. There seems to be a tendency to gloss over details and even disregard editing of any kind. Whether you write an email to your best friend or a potential employer, a certain level of protocol must be maintained. Avoid being so casual that you neglect the appearance of your email. A page that is filled with mistakes can be very off-putting to readers if they are used to a good level of English.

Take care to use proper letter writing format when composing your email. It creates a well laid out and professional appearance. An easy to navigate email is much more pleasant to read than one that is inconsistent in format. The use of paragraphs is recommended as well. One giant paragraph can be extremely wearing to look at. If your email is longer than about one hundred words, break it into proper paragraphs.

The use of internet slang has grown to be a common method of speaking and writing in recent years. This really is not recommended if you wish to be perceived as professional by the reader of your email. Words should be spelled out in full rather than cut down into online slang. It reads much more smoothly and shows that you are concerned with appropriate grammar. If a professional appearance is what you seek, check your email with English grammar software for correction.

Another common email mistake that may not have crossed your mind is address mistakes. Always double check the address before you click send. It’s important to proofread your writing but it’s equally as important to check that email address. Sending a message to the wrong person may be a mistake you do not wish to make. The results could be embarrassing or otherwise negative. Read your entire email from start to finish. Even if it’s only being sent to a friend, mistakes can make you cringe. Use writing software to assist with personal weaknesses if necessary. Email writing is no place to be neglectful.

Golden rule: as with letters never write an email when you are very angry!  Cool off first.  Or better still sleep on it before you write.