5 Tips for the Perfect Resume/CV

The purpose of the resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is to get potential employers to notice you.  With the number of applications that employers receive, you need to make your CV stand out among the rest. Check out these five tips on how to do this.

  • 1. Make it Short and Concise

    Your resume/CV should be two pages at most. Keep your CV short to make for easy reading. Long CVs tend to be ignored.
  • 2. Refrain From Writing in Sentences and Paragraphs

    Do not use complete sentences in your resume/CV. Instead, use short descriptive phrases.  Do not write in paragraphs either. Break down the things you want to say by enumerating them in bullet form. This gives your CV a clean and organized look.
  • 3. Keep Your Resume/CV Free of Grammatical and Spelling Errors

    You should always check for grammatical and spelling errors. You can use software to do this. One common mistake in writing a CV is that the items in the bullet list do not have a parallel structure. Make sure that the structure of your bullet list is consistent throughout.
  • 4. Do Not Include Unnecessary Information

    Maximize the two-page space you have by leaving out unnecessary information, such as your reason for leaving your previous job or your previous salary details.  These will most likely be asked during the interview anyway.
  • 5. Market Yourself Honestly and Support Your Statements with Facts

    Finally, highlight your strengths. Focus on the things that you have accomplished in the past. Do not exaggerate but be honest, and be ready to support these details with facts.

Writing the perfect CV is possible. Just make it short, use phrases and bullets, check for grammar and spelling errors, include only the necessary things, and be honest when marketing your strengths. You can get off to a great start with WhiteSmoke's free resume templates.